About Us

Rainbow Connection was born from a love of bright and beautiful children's clothes.

As a child of the seventies I grew up with a penchant for bold and bright retro prints. When I became a parent, I realised that children's clothing on offer in most stores in NZ was rather vanilla AND gender stereotyped.

Then when I found the bright and beautiful colours and prints of Smafolk peeking at me from a parenting mag I couldn't believe my luck!

Designed in Demark, Smafolk is one of the Scandinavian brands I couldn't resist for my son. Distinct, colourful prints on an organic cotton base - I was hooked. Moreover, three children along I had expanded to many of the brands I stock today and more. Clothes my now 14 year old wore have been passed through all my children and onto friends. The quality and longevity of the garments has been incredible!

I am happy to fulfill my dream of being able to bring these brands to NZ. I get a great joy seeing them at our local daycare and school - and am proud to know that others near and far have recognised their same qualities.

While we have expanded our labels to include brands that aren't only 'Scandi', our commitment to stocking companies which are environmentally conscious remains. Our labels all have a focus on sustainable manufacturing. They elect to make their clothing from certified organic cotton, meaning your kids will be luxuriating in super soft cotton, that in general, will last longer than clothes you can find at your local department store. At the same time the impact on the planet of the manufacture of our items is strictly contained and the wellbeing of those involved in the manufacturing process is held to the  standard expected to meet certification.

Welcome to Rainbow Connection - we hope you love the clothes as much as we do.