Rainbow Connection was born from a love of bright and beautiful children's clothes.

As a child of the seventies I grew up with a penchant for bold and bright retro prints. When I became a parent, I realised that children's clothing now on offer in most stores in NZ was rather vanilla AND gender stereotyped.

Then I found Scandi! 

Scandi is short for Scandinavian... as in, from the countries of Scandinavia. There were lucky children on the other side of the world who had so many bright, bold and stylish clothes on offer. I had to try them out! I did and wasn't disappointed... many years later I am finally fulfilling my dream to bring these clothes to NZ myself, and show you that it doesn't have to be limited to pink for girls and blue for boys. 

To make it even better, most Scandi companies are environmentally conscious. They elect to make their clothing from certified organic cotton, meaning your kids will be luxuriating in super soft cotton, that in general, will last longer than clothes you can find at your local department store.
To compliment the Scandi style, we will also be stocking a range of accessories from like minded companies. 

Welcome to Rainbow Connection - we hope you love the clothes as much as we do.